Holistic Childbirth Education

Planning Your Birth From the Heart's Center

Welcome to your journey!

At this point in your pregnancy, I’m willing to guess that you are probably thinking…

  • How am I going to do this? This is so overwhelming. How do I tell fact vs fiction? 
  • This birth thing sounds scary, all I hear are negative experiences. All my friends and family told me their horror stories, but I want something different. Can I really have a comfortable, calm, and positive birth experience? 
  • Everyone has told me how hard this is going to be. Do I have what it takes to get through labor and birth? (YES! You do!)
  • I’ve never done this before and I have no idea what my body, mind, and emotions will be like. What can I expect in birth? How will I know what labor is like? What will this transformation mean for me? 
  • There is so much information out there and so many choices to make! What do I REALLY need to know to have the best birth experience possible? I only have ONE chance to get this right.
  • How do I create a calm, peaceful, and powerful birth? 

I totally get it. I was sitting RIGHT THERE where you are today. I had the same wonderings, questions, and doubts. 

The truth is…

You don't know what you don't know.

We do know that:

  • at least one out of every three families have a traumatic birth experience.
  • about 30% of babies are born through cesarean section.


You're doing all the things. You're researching midwives, doctors, and pediatricians. You are a badass and you want the best for your birth and baby. Perhaps you want a peaceful, calm, and confident birth but you're not sure how to make it happen. 

I bet you're wondering if you're missing something. Did you leave something off the list? Don't worry, I got you.

I want you to close your eyes, take a deep breath, surround your baby with love, and imagine the following scenario:

  • You’ve found the PERFECT care provider for your pregnancy who supports your choices for your family in birth and treats you with compassion, respect, kindness, and individuality. 
  • You know exactly how you want to feel in birth and feel confident in your choices and your birth plan
  • You feel in control of your choices and your birth experience and you are the center of it all. 
  • You’re connected to your intuition and you know you can tune in to your body at any time. 
  • You know exactly what to expect from your body in the birth process, and you feel CONFIDENT as hell in your ability to birth your baby. 
  • Your birth is a comfortable experience, and you are focused on handing each contraction like a boss. 
  • You’re calm and relaxed, surrounded in peaceful energy during labor so you can have the birth of your dreams.

In this course, you'll learn everything you need to know in order to birth your baby in peace and power. I'm going to give you my expert insight based on years of experience as a doula, educator, and mother of four. You'll receive expert level knowledge to help you radically transform your birth experience. 

Along with your childbirth education, you’ll also receive AMAZING resources to help you achieve your goal of a calm and confident birth:

  • A birth planning guide that will help you go deep into your heart’s center and discover your dreams and desires for birth. 
  • A recipe book with ideas help you stay nourished in pregnancy.
  • A cheat sheet for each stage of labor. Slap it right on the refrigerator.
  • A detailed cheat sheet of comfort measures you can and your partner can try in labor
  • Relaxation audio tracks to practice relaxation breathing, meditation, and visualization for birth 
  • Journal pages to help you dive deep and conquer your fears and challenges BEFORE birth
  • Birth affirmations to help you stay grounded and powerful
  • Detailed information and expert-level knowledge to help you sort out your choices in birth from a holistic perspective
  • Hours of hands-on videos to help you understand what to expect in the birth process
  • Practice scenarios to help you advocate for your rights in pregnancy and birth
  • An ENTIRE CHAPTER full of breastfeeding resources so you can get started in confidence
  • A postpartum baby-moon planner full of everything-no-one-ever-told-you about the postpartum time
  • A discussion center and private Facebook group to connect socially with other students in the course!

These resources alone are a $597 value!

What if I told you that YOU can be in charge of your birth experience?

What if I told you that YOU can have a powerful birth

What if I told you that YOU can have a comfortable, confident, and transformative birth and postpartum


You are the center of the spiral in pregnancy and birth. Are you ready to accept this new reality? 

Let's do this!


Course curriculum

  • 1

    Planning Your Birth From the Heart

    • Welcome to Your Journey!

    • Introducing Your Instructor...

    • Become the Center of the Spiral

    • Discover Your Core Dreams & Desires for Birth

    • Writing Your BIG IDEAS For Birth

  • 2

    Nourishing Yourself In Pregnancy

    • Nourishing Yourself in Pregnancy

    • Exercising in Pregnancy

    • Nutrition Requirements in Pregnancy

    • Essential Vitamins and Minerals

    • Nourishing Recipes for Pregnancy and Postpartum

    • Tracking Your Nutrition

  • 3

    Birthing Your Baby Like a Badass

    • Nurturing Yourself Through Early Labor

    • Late Pregnancy Changes & Early Labor

    • Early Labor Cheat Sheet

    • Master the 3 Zones of Holistic Birth

    • Staying Strong in Active Labor

    • Active Labor Cheat Sheet

    • Navigating Transition

    • Transition Cheat Sheet

    • Pushing Your Baby Out - The Second Stage of Labor

    • Second Stage Cheat Sheet

    • Moving Your Baby Through Your Pelvis

    • Visualizing Your Birth - Journal & Discussion

  • 4

    Using Comfort Measures For Birth

    • Listening to Pain as a Teacher

    • Mastering the Fear-Tension-Pain Cycle

    • Finding the Right Touch

    • Positions for Labor & Birth

    • Comfort Measures for Birth

    • Using a Birth Ball

    • Supporting Baby's Position for a Comfortable Birth

    • Comfort Measures Cheat Sheet

    • Getting a Partner Involved

    • Discover Your Comfort

  • 5

    Finding Peace and Relaxation

    • Breathing for Relaxation in Pregnancy and Birth

    • Mindfulness & Meditation for Pregnancy and Birth

    • Imagery for Relaxation & Strength

    • Printable Birth Affirmations

    • Saying NO to Fear (Journal/Discussion)

  • 6

    Birthing Your Placenta

    • Birthing Your Placenta

    • Honoring Your Placenta

    • You Can Eat Your Placenta?

    • Reflecting on the Third Stage

  • 7

    Build Your Support Team

    • Find Holistic Pregnancy & Birth Support

    • Models of Maternity Care - Choosing My Care Provider

    • Choosing a Care Provider

    • Visualize Your Birth

  • 8

    Plan Your Birth Like a Boss

    • Plan a Supportive Birth Environment

    • Using a Doula

    • Choosing Prenatal Tests

    • Understanding Your Choices for Birth

    • Erythromycin Eye Ointment - Mandates, Oh My! The Mindful Mama Podcast

    • Additional Resources for Birth Planning

    • Plan Your Birth

  • 9

    Advocating For Your Rights

    • Using Informed Choice & Consent

    • Know Your Rights in Birth

    • Know Your Rights - Simulation

    • Practice Informed Consent & Discussion

  • 10

    Breastfeeding Your Baby With Confidence

    • Navigating the Early Days

    • The Golden Hour

    • Latching on & Breastfeeding Positions

    • Breastfeeding and Working

    • Solving Common Breastfeeding Challenges

    • Breastfeeding Q & A - Discussion

  • 11

    Moving From Survive to Thrive in Postpartum

    • Preparing for The First Week Postpartum

    • Holistic Postpartum Support

    • Move From Survive to Thrive - A Postpartum Planning Guide & Discussion