Attention expecting parents seeking to give birth with loving awareness


  • Remember, trust and access your intuition, primal instincts and innate birth wisdom

  • Understand birth for the simple, natural, normal, biological process that it is

  • Learn what it takes to give your baby a gentle, loving, safe and healthy entrance into the world

  • Explore a treasure trove of tools, resources, affirmations, videos, workbooks, planners, checklists and journal prompts to help you achieve your dream birth

  • Move boldy through the gates of birth- feeling fully informed, educated, confident and frankly... totally badass?


Look, I've been exactly where you are right now and at this point in your pregnancy I bet you're thinking ...

  • There's SO much information out there, it's overwhelming! How do I tell fact from fiction? I wish I could get evidence based, unbiased info!

  • This birth thing sounds scary, all I hear are negative birth stories about unnecessary interventions. I want my birth to be DIFFERENT from theirs! But, how?

  • I want to have a natural, unmedicated labor and learn about holistic, non pharmaceutical ways to manage my labor sensations

  • I’ve never done this before and I have no idea what my body, mind, and emotions will be like. What can I expect in birth? How will I know what labor is like?

  • There is so much information out there and so many choices to make! What do I REALLY need to know to have the best birth experience possible? I only have ONE chance to get this right.

I'd like for you to take a deep breath, relax your body and really imagine

what it would feel like on your birthing day to have...

  • Total confidence that you've chosen the right care provider (midwife or OB); one who truly supports and respects your birth plan and treats you with compassion, patience and kindness

  • An educated birth partner (spouse, lover, friend or family member) who knows how to support, comfort and advocate for you and your birth wishes

  • A renewed sense of trust- in yourself, your body's abilities and your intuition; a deep knowing that you can tap into this inner wisdom at any time and that it will reliably guide you on your birth journey

  • A thorough understanding of the birthing process and the stages of labor so you know what to expect and what to do during each phase

  • The calm confidence and radiant power that comes from knowing you're going to birth your baby like a BOSS; even if things don't go exactly as planned- because you're fully prepared for any scenario

  • The latest and best evidence-based information right at your fingertips, so you can feel good knowing you're making wise and healthy choices for yourself and your baby

  • An arsenal of holistic comfort measures and relaxation techniques that you can use to calm and focus your body and mind so you feel relaxed and peaceful instead of fearful and tense

INTRODUCING: The Ultimate Holistic Birth Course

Give birth to your baby in peace and power

What makes The Ultimate Holistic Birth Course different from other childbirth classes?

The Ultimate Holistic Birth Course is a comprehensive, holistic, completely self-paced online learning experience that reminds parents what birth REALLY is- a deeply transformative process that involves mind, body, and spirit. Most other childbirth courses teach you about just the physical, clinical, technocratic aspect of birth. In this course, you'll begin to view birth as a joyful, natural, normal experience; something to be enjoyed and embraced! You'll learn about birthing "from the heart and spirit" as well as anatomy, physiology and the stages of labor- so you'll know what to expect and feel fully prepared for your birthing journey.

by Meghan S.

"The Ultimate Holistic Birth Course helped me understand pain in a whole new way. I now understand the importance of listening to my body and intuition for a comfortable birth! Working with Jenni gave me the courage and confidence that I needed to fully immerse myself into my birth experience. She helped me engage the 'bad ass' part of myself that was going to rock my birth. Jenni is truly the embodiment of feminine wisdom and will be your support and ally throughout your entire birthing experience."


  • Birth Planning From the Heart

    Get the same proven process I use with all my doula clients to help you connect with your heart center and get crystal clear on your true dreams and desires for you how want to experience your birthing journey

  • Nourishing Yourself in Pregnancy

    These time tested strategies for nutrition and wellness will reduce your risk of birth complications, nourish your body and mind and give you the energy you need to grow, birth and nurse your baby

  • The Blueprint for Badass Birthing

    Sometimes our greatest fear is just fear of the unknown. Once you and your partner know what to expect during each stage of labor and how the journey unfolds, you'll feel so much more calm and confident!

  • Comfort Measures + Relaxation Techniques

    These are the EXACT SAME strategies I used in each my four natural births and that millions of other women around the world have used. These techniques release your body's natural endorphins and opioids, putting you in that peaceful, focused "birth zone"

  • Falling in Love: The Golden Hour

    This third stage of labor is so important and oftentimes overlooked. How you give birth to your placenta is vitally important, as is the amazing Golden Hour that follows. This is a critical bonding moment for baby and mom, so their space must be respected and honored.

  • Building Your Support Team

    Learn how important it is to build your VILLAGE and SUPPORT team for pregnancy and birth so you don't have to navigate this unknown territory feeling isolated. It's important you feel nourished on a soul level by your community, peers, friends and family!

  • Planning Your Birth Like a Boss

    Discover your full range of medical options and alternatives so you can create an evidence-based birth plan that reflects your true desires

  • Advocating For Your Rights

    Learn how to advocate for your rights, communicate and collaborate with your birth team and navigate the maternal health system

Love Letters & High Fives

See what others are saying

Rachel W.

"Working with Jenni on my pregnancy and birthing journey is one of the best decisions I made for my daughter and I. It is so important to have a doula and support person in your court like Jenni. She listened to all of my concerns, and made me feel heard in my birth plan even when we had to change it. She provides all kinds of tricks during labor and before. If I decide to have another baby, I'd definitely hire Jenni again!"

Grace S.

“Having Jenni as our doula for our most recent pregnancy was the single greatest decision we made about our birth team. She was always there to help us work through every question and unexpected hurdle. She was able to help us ask the right questions and move from a fear mindset to an empowered mindset. She helped us find our power and confidence in advocating for ourselves. She stood beside us every step of the way.”

J & M H.

"Jenni's enduring support, patience, understanding for mom (& dad's) physical, emotional well-being pre-, during, and post-, was everything. Should we have additional children, we will call on Jenni again!"

Corey F.

"We are first time parents and although we were ready to be parents we had no idea what the whole birth process looked like and what we’d go through to get to meet our daughter. Hiring Jenni to be our Doula was the best money we’ve ever spent, and we don’t know what we would have done without her! She was patient, knowledgeable and the grounding presence we all needed, both mom and dad throughout the entire 21 hour labor. She proved to us that we were stronger and more capable than we ever could have thought and made the entire journey, before, during and after birth so much easier and smoother than we could have done ourselves as first time parents. Any parents would be lucky to have her on their support team."


Get instant, lifetime, unlimited access to The Ultimate Holistic Birth Course

All the tools, tips and resources you need

Workbooks, checklists, planners, videos and audio files to support your journey...

  • A birth planning guide that will help you go deep into your heart’s center and discover your dreams and desires for birth.

  • A recipe book with ideas help you stay nourished in pregnancy.

  • A cheat sheet for each stage of labor. Slap it right on the refrigerator.

  • A detailed cheat sheet of comfort measures you can and your partner can try in labor

  • Relaxation audio tracks to practice relaxation breathing, meditation, and visualization for birth

  • Journal pages to help you dive deep and conquer your fears and challenges BEFORE birth

  • Birth affirmations to help you stay grounded and powerful

  • Detailed information and expert-level knowledge to help you sort out your choices in birth from a holistic perspective

  • Hours of hands-on videos to help you understand what to expect in the birth process

  • Practice scenarios to help you advocate for your rights in pregnancy and birth

Hi, I'm Jenni Kula, M.Ed., PICD, CE, CHBD

And mother of four feral children

Hey, I'm Jenni and I'm SO glad you're here! I'm not kidding when I say it’s my absolute passion and joy to serve, support and educate parents during the childbearing year. But what I'm sharing with you isn’t just information gleaned from lecture halls, trainings, courses and books. In addition to that, it's my own personal experiences that have gifted me the embodied wisdom I now have... and now I want to share that message with the world. I've had four powerful natural births, three of them at home and one at a birth center. My births were passionate, powerful, and soulful experiences full of raw love in motion. I’ve had the long and hard birth, the fast and furious birth... and a little bit of in-between. These experiences were incredible ecstatic moments of cosmic consciousness where I learned to ride the waves of birth, trust my intuition and get in touch with my heart’s center. I was the center of the spiral and I brought my babies into the world in a gentle, safe, healthy, joyful way. This is what I want for you, and this is exactly why I created this course. I hope you love it. Blessings to you and your growing family! Jenni


Enroll today and you'll also receive...

  • Postpartum Babymoon Planner ($67 value)

    The baby's here; now what?! This practical, comprehensive workbook will help you plan and prepare for a restful, peaceful postpartum so you and your partner can THRIVE as new parents- not just "survive". This resource is a must-have for every new parent and will help you navigate this beautiful yet challenging time.

  • How to Be a System-Savvy Birth Partner for a Gentle Birth: A Workbook for the Birth Partner ($97 value)

    It's 2021, and most moms-to-be are looking to their partners to provide loving, knowledgeable, continuous support during labor and birth.

  • Breastfeeding Basics ($27 value)

    This awesome bonus feature is devoted to helping you understand the basics of breastfeeding so you can get that baby latched with ease.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is this course right for me?

  • How is the ULTIMATE Holistic Birth Course different than other childbirth education courses?

    This course is designed by a Certified Holistic Doula and Childbirth Educator. I have created all the materials for this course based on extensive study and experience as a birth worker in my community. I'm also a mother of four and have had four natural births myself.

  • What makes this course holistic?

    Most childbirth education courses focus on birth as a physical process. They talk about what to expect from your body and what interventions can be used in labor. This course focuses on birth as a spiritual transformation as well as a physical process. I nurture the heart and instill you with strength while you learn about birth.

  • How is the course material delivered?

    I have a Master's Degree in Education, so this course is designed to appeal to many different learning styles. There are videos, audio recordings, readings, journals, and activities.

  • Why should I pay $250 for this course instead of take a FREE hospital course?

    In a free hospital course, the focus is on teaching you what to expect as a patient. They are going to teach you the bare minimum information about labor. The class will inform you about the procedures for tools such as an epidural, induction, what to expect upon arrival, and general patient knowledge. The ULTIMATE Holistic Birth Course is totally comprehensive and independent. This course is around 20 hours of instructional time and prepares you with EVERYTHING you need to know for a confident and gentle birth.

  • I'm having a hospital/birth center/home birth. Is this course right for me?

    Absolutely! This course will have you prepared for the best possible birthing journey, no matter what your birth plan, birth location or method of delivery is.

  • How long will it take me to complete this course?

    The total course content is around 18 hours in length. You might naturally spend more time in some areas than others. You can complete this course over the course of several weeks, or a long weekend.

  • When is the best time to enroll?

    The sooner the better; there's no such thing as being "too prepared" for birth! Signing up in the first trimester is ideal; this course will teach you how to choose the care provider and birth location that's right for you, how to have a mindful, healthy pregnancy and many other important things that are best addressed early on. The earlier you take this course, the more confident, knowledgeable and prepared you'll feel.

  • Is this course for my partner, too?

    Definitely! I intentionally created this so that your partner/ significant other thoroughly enjoys the content, too. This class is FUN, inspiring and confidence building for everyone.

  • I'm in my third trimester! Is it too late to sign up?

    Nope. The only time it’s too late is if the baby's head is crowning. The course is designed for you to complete it as quickly or as slowly as you’d like. You can access the content even when you're in labor!

11 inspiring, confidence building learning modules

Covering pregnancy, labor, birth, postpartum and breastfeeding

  • 1

    Planning Your Birth From the Heart

    • Welcome to Your Journey!

    • Introducing Your Instructor...

    • Become the Center of the Spiral

    • Discover Your Core Dreams & Desires for Birth

    • Writing Your BIG IDEAS For Birth

  • 2

    Nourishing Yourself In Pregnancy

    • Nourishing Yourself in Pregnancy

    • Exercising in Pregnancy

    • Nutrition Requirements in Pregnancy

    • Essential Vitamins and Minerals

    • Nourishing Recipes for Pregnancy and Postpartum

    • Tracking Your Nutrition

  • 3

    Birthing Your Baby Like a Badass

    • Nurturing Yourself Through Early Labor

    • Late Pregnancy Changes & Early Labor

    • Early Labor Cheat Sheet

    • Master the 3 Zones of Holistic Birth

    • Staying Strong in Active Labor

    • Active Labor Cheat Sheet

    • Navigating Transition

    • Transition Cheat Sheet

    • Pushing Your Baby Out - The Second Stage of Labor

    • Second Stage Cheat Sheet

    • Moving Your Baby Through Your Pelvis

    • Visualizing Your Birth - Journal & Discussion

  • 4

    Using Comfort Measures For Birth

    • Listening to Pain as a Teacher

    • Mastering the Fear-Tension-Pain Cycle

    • Finding the Right Touch

    • Positions for Labor & Birth

    • Comfort Measures for Birth

    • Using a Birth Ball

    • Using a Birth Ball in Pregnancy & Labor

    • Supporting Baby's Position for a Comfortable Birth

    • Comfort Measures Cheat Sheet

    • Getting a Partner Involved

    • Discover Your Comfort

  • 5

    Finding Peace and Relaxation

    • Breathing for Relaxation in Pregnancy and Birth

    • Mindfulness & Meditation for Pregnancy and Birth

    • Imagery for Relaxation & Strength

    • Printable Birth Affirmations

    • Saying NO to Fear (Journal/Discussion)

  • 6

    Birthing Your Placenta

    • Birthing Your Placenta

    • Honoring Your Placenta

    • You Can Eat Your Placenta?

    • Reflecting on the Third Stage

  • 7

    Build Your Support Team

    • Find Holistic Pregnancy & Birth Support

    • Models of Maternity Care - Choosing My Care Provider

    • Choosing a Care Provider

    • VBAC Planning Guide

    • 10 Questions You Need to Ask Right Now for a Blissful Birth

    • How to be a System-Savvy Birth Partner for a Gentle Birth

    • Visualize Your Birth

  • 8

    Plan Your Birth Like a Boss

    • Plan a Supportive Birth Environment

    • Using a Doula

    • Choosing Prenatal Tests

    • Understanding Your Choices for Birth

    • What You Need to Know RIGHT NOW About GBS and Your Microbiome

    • Yes, You CAN Eat and Drink in Birth!

    • Erythromycin Eye Ointment - Mandates, Oh My! The Mindful Mama Podcast

    • Additional Resources for Birth Planning

    • Plan Your Birth

  • 9

    Advocating For Your Rights

    • Using Informed Choice & Consent

    • Know Your Rights in Birth

    • Know Your Rights - Simulation

    • Practice Informed Consent & Discussion

  • 10

    Breastfeeding Your Baby With Confidence

    • Navigating the Early Days

    • The Golden Hour

    • Latching on & Breastfeeding Positions

    • Breastfeeding and Working

    • Solving Common Breastfeeding Challenges

    • Breastfeeding Q & A - Discussion

  • 11

    BONUS CHAPTER! - Moving From Survive to Thrive in Postpartum

    • Preparing for The First Week Postpartum

    • Holistic Postpartum Support

    • Move From Survive to Thrive - A Postpartum Planning Guide & Discussion

  • 12


    • Join My Sacred Pregnancy Circle!

    • Course Feedback - How did you enjoy this course?

“Giving birth and being born brings us into the essence of creation, where the human spirit is courageous and bold and the body, a miracle of wisdom.”

Harriette Hartigan


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Meet Your Instructor

Jenni Kula

I'm Jenni and I'm so glad you're here! I support, guide, and educate birthing and postpartum families so they can bring their babies into the world with peaceful strength and confidence. I have worked as a birth keeper in my community for 4 years, and I have a background in education. I serve my community as a holistic doula, childbirth educator, and childbirth consultant. All the tools and strategies in this course have come directly from my work experience with families, my birth doula studies, and extensive childbirth education. I'm a certified birth doula, a postpartum and infant care doula, a certified childbirth educator, and a placenta specialist. My mission is for you to get in touch with your core dreams and desires for your family so you can move forward with confidence in pregnancy, birth, and postpartum. I want you to have the best birth experience possible and move into your birth armed with the information and mindsets you need so you can move forward in power and peace. I work with birthing families, just like you, who want to learn how to have a calm, comfortable, and confident birth and postpartum experience. It’s my deepest joy to support your family in your journey so you can manifest your heart’s desires for your birth and baby.

Is this course right for me?

The Ultimate Holistic Birth Course is right for you if you want...

  • An undisturbed, self directed birth, instinctual birth- and for it to unfold as organically and naturally as possible

  • To make informed and educated decisions based on best evidence

  • Your birth partner to understand how to support, comfort and advocate for you

  • To know about the midwifery/holistic model of care, doulas and holistic birth alternatives

  • You want your baby to enter the world gently, calmly and lovingly

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